Hidden Ink items

these are all the Ink hidden items I know about, if you know any more feel free to add!


Lipstick (both female and male)
White Coffee Mug (both female and male)
Camera Bag (female)

Skin color:

Peach (only for female, male already exist in the writer portal not hidden)


shocked (both female and male)
lay_awake_rub_eyes_loop (only female)

animations you can’t publish with, but you can use them for edits or videos if you have a use in them

hold_award_happy (female)
tear_off (both female and male)
grab_hand_over_zoom (female)
sing_backup_hips_bad_loop (female)
hold_award_happy (female)
play_didgeridoo (male)
talk_didgeridoo (male)
walk_sad_didgeridoo (male)

Some of the animations you can’t publish with don’t show in the web preview and the hidden props also don’t show in the web preview, you’ll have to use the mobile preview.


Thx, this is useful! :slightly_smiling_face: