Hidden LL Props Reference

Mostly a guide for me, maybe a guide for you.

This is a combo of lists by @Lemniscate and @Dara.Amarie

HIDDEN Limelight Props
Hotdog Ketchup Mustard
Spraypaint Can White
Cupid Bow
Cupid Bow Arrow Drawn
Underwear Bra
Polo Mallet Wood
Flower Bunches Flower Red True
Box Engagement Closed Velvet Black
Knife Metal
Diwali Lantern Orange Paper
Boom Box Multicolored (male only)
Box Engagement Open Velvet Diamond Black (male only)
Big Protein Powder Tub (male only)
Lizard Keychain (male only)
Pitch Pipe Treblemaker (male only)
Pretzel (male only)
Vigil Candle Wax Grey White Male (male only)
Vigil Candle Wax Grey White Female (female only)
PP Bella Book Open (female only)
PP Bella Book Closed (female only)
Pink Hairbrush (female only)
Pretzel Food (female only)
Blue Loofah Sponge (female only)
Mug Ceramic Yellow (female only)
Mug Ceramic Flowers (female only)
Pitch Pipe Bella (female only)
Trash Can Lid Bella (female only)
Box Engagement Open Velvet Diamond Blue Navy
Box Engagement Closed Velvet Diamond Blue Navy
Champagne Flute Filled
Champagne Bottle Expensive
Cigarette White Tan idle_food then kiss_blow_happy
Episoda Can Cup
Episoda Can Variant Cup
Microphone Black
Microphone White
Notepad White Lined
Tambourine Wood
Tray Dome Silver Animation?


This may seem like a silly question, but do these all show up when your story is published?

It should since there’s no errors in the script and it shows up in the app when you want to test it out. It won’t show up on web previewer!

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Ok, thank you! I knew they didn’t show up on the previewer, which is why I wanted to make sure!

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Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks so much!

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