So I recently uploaded a post to ask about the people’s personal opinion of my story cover.
CONTEXT: I’m new to the Episode Forums (I had an account I can’t remember why but never used it until now).
I was very happy because some people replied and shared their point of view, but the next day I get sent a (very SCARY :cold_face:) message FROM ‘the Admin’ (I think I remember it said that) saying that my post was hidden and I broke some rules! (I honesly panicked)
Long story short: I put my post in the wrong category because I didn’t understand very well the descriptions of each :sweat_smile: .
Maybe this has happened to more people? hehe Idk

NOW I’M VERY SCARED PLS HELP! :eyes: :dotted_line_face:

THANK YOU! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I hope this one is in the right category :sweat_smile:

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lol yesterday the same thing happened to me I got flagged for off-topic and flagged for spam and I was confused then read all the categories fully lol :slight_smile:


you don’t need to worry, this happens extremely often. :))


Hi there @Rammy, I’m Sydney the forum moderator and admin! Please message me with a link to your post and I’d be happy to review it for you :grinning:

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Yup Same happened with me today. When I was asking for tips on something. This also happened to me for the first time lol

same here! I’m also new and just needed help, the category even said anything episode related discussion like hello??

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people get flag happy, if you contact Sydney she will be able to tell you if the topic was off or allowed, I have had people flag my posts that Sydney has restored, and then others that were removed, I’ve actually only had 1 removed that I put in general chat about a recent news article.


I was flagged from posts I had already deleted…

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Same, I was so confused…

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I was flagged for requesting an inactive thread to be closed, and afterwards @/Sydney_H literally closed it…
And I supported something, but it was in the wrong category. Instead of moving it to the correct one , the entire post and EVERY comment was flagged, including mine. Like what.


it happend to me

Same, when I first posted it happend to me