Hidden props! anybody knows?

Hi guys, I have seen in other stories that there are props that are not listed in the script/library…
and I really need those :rofl:
anyone knows how they called maybe?
(English is not my first language, I’m sorry!)

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Which style and which items have you seen? Each style has different props. Somethings you see may also just be overlays that were placed like props.

I was going to say what @Purple_Ghost said. I also want to add, if they are “hidden” you can’t publish a story with them.

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Of course you can! Try and see how easy it is lol of course you can publish with hidden items.

If you mean Limelight (like as in Episode not user stories with things that are not open in the writer portal) then there aren’t any.

If you mean Ink,

White Coffee Mug
Camera Bag.

They all work without problems, and you can publish with them.

I tried Lipstick but it doesn’t work

In Ink? It works for me as for a lot of other people too. It’s hidden.


It’s working only on mobile preview.

Yea, for INK. Is it @add Lipstick to CHARACTER?

Yes, @add Lipstick to CHARACTER

And if you try it in the web preview, it doesn’t work, it only shows on the mobile preview.

There are also:

White Coffee Mug


Camera Bag
(which is really just a camera they have over their shoulder, there’s no animation for that, they just “wear” it)

Ohh, I see. Thanks! :smiley:


Hidden INK Props
White Coffee Mug
Black Coffee Mug
Champagne Flute
Owl Necklace
Ring Box Closed
Ring Box Open
Pizza Box (male only)
File (female only)
Open Folder (female only)
Photostrip (female only)
Camera Bag (female only)

Here is a list of hidden props in episode and they work without any error


It would have been nice if you posted the thread of where you got these from :wink:

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But I had them saved on my PC and I thought that it’ll take time to find the thread and then send that.

So, to save time I just send that to them.