Hidden Sleeping Animations?

So in a couple stories lately I have seen sleeping animations where they lay on there side and put their hand to their forehead. I’m an author and have never seen this animation before? And I think it’s hidden, but I don’t know the name. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Or have the answer?

And it’s not sleep_uncomfortable. Also it’s an ink animation.

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possibly. let me try it.

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no its not that. its basically that animation but they are laying on their side instead. thanks tho.

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Is it sleep_sitting?

not that either. its a pretty weird animation. So imagine it as the sleep_uncomfortable animation and then the character is awake and there hand is on their forehead like the idle_lay_exhausted animation. It’s basically those two animations put together.


Does it look like this by any chance?

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omg yes thats it!

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It’s idle_lay_exhausted but with the spot numbers as a negative!

Here’s how you normally write it out

And here’s how you would write it out to get the result as the picture shown^^^

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thats so weird lol. but thank you so much! do you perhaps know the other one, similar position but sleeping?


No problem! And do you mean this?

If so, it’s lay_asleep_loop!

ah yes, that’s it! and is it just the same negative coding?

Yep! (:

alrighty! thank you so so much!

No problem! :smile:

hey @Jeremy can you close this? thanks!