Hidden Songs/Music!


Do you guys know of any hidden music? The only ones I know are the sad piano one, and the demi one. Are there any other neat songs that aren’t shown under the ‘sounds’ list?


All of the hidden songs have been already released. I’m not sure if there are exceptions (besides the Pretty Little Liars and Pitch Perfect songs due to copyright) but Episode has disabled the option to use hidden items, such as Damian Dad nose, Jules face and many Demi Lovato backgrounds because of copyright issues or because the items had bugs.


The sad piano song has been released with a different name because the original had a name related to Mean Girls, and Episode has released a lot of Demi Lovato songs, but I don’t know if it is complete or some of them are still hidden to the public.


Oh, got it. Thank you!! If the Demi music is copyright, I guess I should take it out of the story that I’m currently writing. I don’t want my story to be taken down.


You’re welcome! :heart:
However, the song you are using isn’t protected with copyright because it is available. The ones that have copyright issues are hidden.


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