Hidden Stuff 🙈

I think I found some hidden stuff for Limelight:

Eyebrow colors:
Yellow Green
Aqua Blue
Red Purple

Eye colors:
Green (this is actually a darker red)

Have you found anything hidden? Let me know! I could make a list out of all the hidden stuff!


How did you find them?

By accident. I was making a full character customization in the portal and I must have typed wrong names for the colors I guess…? :joy:

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Oooh, what do they look like?

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I can send you screenshots if you want! :smiley:

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omg that is so cool!

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Please do :heart_eyes:

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Here you go!

Yellow Green Eyebrows

Aqua Blue Eyebrows

Red Purple Eyebrows

Green (Dark Red) Eyes


Thank you, that is so cool!

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The purple eyebrose kinda look bomb…

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Well, I know the skincolor ‘Walnut’ is hidden for Ink for some reason. :thinking:

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