Hiding story on mobile


@Ryan or @Jeremy, is there a way I can hide my junky stories on my iPhone?


just click on the eye button then you’ll get this:


yes. If you go on the app, go to profile and it should show your published stories. Then, just simply click the eye. If ppl search it, they can still find it but they can’t find it through your profile. That’s the only way unless you go on the portal and delete the story…


Thanks, but I meant hiding it when it isn’t published. Should I email episode to delete my story?


She can’t delete the story , unless it has absolutely no lines.


Yeah I would just file a support ticket.


oh… I’ve never had to use that feature so…


I’d be ok with just hiding it on the app. It bothers me looking at all my mistake stories LOL


omfg same. I have about 7 stories that I don’t even use. smhhhh


I guess there isn’t a way to hide it on the app? :frowning:


Nope, :sob:


Why the heck not? It makes NOO sense!


all I know is, if you wanna delete it, the story has to have NO LINES. if it has limes, you can’t delete it.


K thanks