High background problem


Can someone make this background be 1136 high?


Yoo were did you get this


That looks so nice and I can do


somewhere in the internet :joy:


thank you!


Lol which one is the width




Here it is but be careful lol because there is a watermark in the left corner


Thank you so much


Np but next time try using simple image resizer :smiley:




Actually, it’s dangerous to use backgrounds that come from the internet because of copyright issues.

And this image comes from:

Artist: JakeBowkett
Source: Deviant Art

Perhaps ask if this image can be used :smile:

Good luck with everything!


The watermark is there to protect the artist’s work in case people try to steal it and/or use it without their permission : )


Yeah I know lol but thanks for the info


@Henn_F17 , so I did some research and the artist of that background doesn’t want others to use his backgrounds in their stories so you shouldn’t : )

According to the artist of this background JakeBowkett ( Hobbyist Digital Artist):
I’m sorry but majority of my art was commissioned by clients – i.e., they paid for it – so only they can use it.

Source of comment can be found here: Is it ok to use episode backgrounds?

Did you talk to the artist if you could perhaps you use it?
Please respond to this, thank you :smile: