High school perfect student

I’m looking for someone who would be down to help me in brainstorming and plotting. I have a story idea about a school girl, the perfect student and showing the side of them nobody sees. The struggles etc. Someone who relies on studying so much that when they’re met with life they’re just stuck. You can’t be prepared for life like you can for a test. It’s about finding the balance and overcoming the hardships.
If anyone knows webtoon? I’d like to turn it into a comic.
But for now I’m looking for someone who would help with the idea itself.
Let me know!
Oh I’m 18 and an art student.

Hey if you want I have a discord with episode people who like to have writing partners help code etc pm me if you want the link.

Hi! Im also looking for someone who can brainstorm with me. I could help u since I’m also writing a story at the Moment so we both can help each other. Sometimes might even help u Code difficult scenes because I’m an advanced coder.
About me:
I’m Val, 20yo studying at the university and do commissions in my free time.

Hey Val! That’s awesome! I totally want to help you too. And for coding you don’t need to worry as it’s honestly just the writing part that I want to have done. I think that should be my first issue to solve haha ^^

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Great! I can chat here or on IG. U can pick which one suits u the best