High School Romance Story Ideas?



I wanted to create a Limelight story which takes place in High School and is a Romance. Do you have any ideas?

What I hate in stories
  • Bad boys, mean girls, nerd girl gets bullied makeover and stuff, pregnancy
Some ideas
  • A story about a boy/girl that is having mental health issues and stuff. Likes the persons having a hard time and got no one to love her or atleast like her because she doesnt have any friends and her parents dont care about her

Well basically anything that doesnt include things on the top


Everyone always does storys about the new girl meeting the “bad boy” type.
You could make something from a guy’s perperspective. Or a popular jock loses all his popularity and has nothing left to do but be friends with a group of social outcast. He decides to make them into his project by making look cool and gain his status back. He eventually falls in love with one of them.


Hmm… you could do something along the lines of a drastic injury barging upon someone’s life, and someone else working towards rehabilitating them.

Here’s a couple plots going along with that… (names are just substitutes)

Kade Akagi used to have big dreams. His goal, to become a football star. Only, that isn’t possible anymore. Mid-season, an unfortunate car crash unfolded as he was driving home from a party- drunk. It provided serious damages towards his physical state, and permanent damage towards his spinal cord, and in turn… his nervous system. Paralyzed from the waist-down, his dreams are no longer clear to him. The school, seeing his dropping scores, and etc caused by depression, and distraction over his injury enlist the help of another student- Annalise Montgomery. Annalise must work to help him in finding his path, while attempting to locate her own as her depression threatens to bring her down. Acting as supports for each other, this story could in turn be highly emotional, and a variety of ideas may be usable.

Eve can’t speak. Deaf, she uses ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with her family and close friends. But if she can’t speak… why has Max begun to talk to her? Suffering his own issues at home with his mute mother, he has learned to use ASL, and the basics of reading lips. Max, seeing Eve’s difficulties decides to try to teach her to read lips in hopes of her becoming more versed in communication with other students. So what happens if lips are used for something other than speaking? I could see a variety of comedy being mixed in with this, as if Eve signs or mouths the wrong phrases. A couple clever titles may be… “Signs,” meaning signs… like omens telling them to be together as well as the partiality of signing (ASL).

Anyways, let me know if you’d like more ideas, these were just the first to come to me. :smiley: Good luck with your story!


I suggest writing a comedy one, our community lacks them a lot. You can watch couple teen animes for that. And here’s a little tip:

You can always take a cliche and turn it the other way around. Like a bad boy getting bullied by nerds.


I’m so glad my sorry is not about the bad boy and the new girl although my character is new but the boy isn’t much of a bad boy they just have the same personality and I promos my sorry is not cliche

Aubrey moves halfway across the country with her dad because her mum died Aubrey’s dad moves his business and 10 months before that another family moved to the same time this family is friends with Aubrey’s dad they work together and one night they all meet each other and the father has a son Aubrey and him hate each other at first but they fall in love the good thing is that there is not more than 1 guy chasing after my character but of course with that there is going to be that 1 crazy ex but that’s really it

sorry I dont really have a snap idea I only have ideas as I’m writing haha

but I do know how to make it not a typical clische leave the means girls out :slight_smile:


Hey guys I know I’m pretty late with creating a episode story but I want to start one, I’ve already started a few but never finished them as I didn’t really like my plot / theme that I had so I was wondering if any of you had an idea that I could use and develop on. I would like to write about a high school romance story but not make it clique, I just can’t seem to come up with any good ideas lately. Much appreciated xxx Issy :slight_smile: