High school supernatural story or not?

I’m in the process of creating a story with vampires (and later other types of creatures) but I face one problem. Whether I want to write the characters in high school or not. I originally wanted to have the story set where my characters are all adults. But I’m not sure, what do you all prefer?


Honesty in my opinion it dosent really matter and I think you should do whichever one you want to do or whichever one will add more to the story line and/or help it .

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Yea I also think either or would be fine. If you want them to be adults though but still want the whole “school” concept, you could make the character college students. That way you can still make them adults and have them in school.


well think of what your story is about, and what fits for age?

do you want them to go out drinking, then high school is a no. it the vampire 200 years old hitting on a 16-year-old, gross. dont recommend.


Yes, that’s one thing I don’t want to portray in my story. That stuff makes me uncomfortable.


i think there’s already so many stories set where the MC is in school (mine included, im a guilty a party). so doing a story where the characters are 18+ and out of school is something fresh and new that will make your story stand out ever so slightly more.


It seems to me you want them to be adults but saw so many stories where the characters are in high school you thought people would read it more … Again it only seems that way
I think it should be set with adult people. They could all still be in high school, there’s teachers, janitors, students that failed a grade too many times (Could be a comic - relief character), concerned parents of students …

Hell it could be set in high school where a parent finds out about the vampires but has to keep it a secret so that the vampiers, who are stronger, don’t kill his child (daughter, son, non-binary child)


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