Highschool/College LGBTQ+ Stories

I’m looking for LGBTQ+ stories that are set in highschool/college. Please recommend some below. I’ll know what story I’ve already read when you comment them below.

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I think Pembrook Prep has an option for a female LI unless that’s in Pembrook Prep 2, I can’t remember that well


Here is mine.

Title: Tales of a Senior
Author: Tarly
Insta: @tarly.writes

Genre: LGBTQ+/RomCom - Coming out story
Story Style: Limelight
Chapters: 4 (ongoing)
Your parents are rich. Your boyfriend is hot. And you are drop dead gorgeous. What will happen when you finally figure out what you really want?

Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Playmaker by Mi
I hate that I love you by lei-ra