Hight scale free to use

I made a hight scale for evryone to use.

many make hight difference in their stories. but they are hard to navigate

I think a lot can use a edited scale where they can add characters, so they can refrence the hight when the spot direct characters

also sometimes people. just make extreamly tall characters beside way to small once. it might help stop that if people have a scale they can refore to with in size.

Example on how it looks,

My old one

This is my old one, no longer has this, since I saved over it. Characters are from my publish story. scorn heir

The new one

characters from an unpublish story

I be happy to see how all use it :kissing_heart:


This is helpful, thanks! Bookmarking! :+1:

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OMG that’s so helpful

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Thank for you this! This is very helpful :cowboy_hat_face:

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This is really helpful, it’ll definitely come in handy! Thank you so much!

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This is very helpful, to be able to see how multiple characters would line up with each other.

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Would you mind if I made a chart in Imperial that’s a little easier for Americans? Full credit to you, of course.

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I thought feet was what you americans used? Which are at the side.

But ofcourse

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