Highway script template? **URGENT**

Hey! so i’m in need of an advanced spot directing script template
What i’m looking for is, a busy highway (EXT. CITY HIGHWAY LOOP - DAY)
so basically multiple cars on the highway (some driving away and others coming onto the highway)
I don’t know if this makes sense haha but hopefully you get the jist of what i want. Feel free to ask if you need more information!

If you decided to create this for me i will 100% give you credit
Also if your worried about wasting your time on a story that wont be published, I am halfway done with episode 3 so it will definitely be published!
Thank you in advanced xx


I’m not sure what U mean do U need like a story idea

nah, i need a script template for a highway

I’m really stupid what’s a script template

It’s when someone gives you a code to put into your script
(Just go to the episode writing portal and click on the bit that says “script template” and you’ll see what it is)

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Um I can’t do that but here is my whatever you call it @Cat14 so just text me so we can be friends ok but I don’t have the app. Ok👍🏻

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That’s fine. and yeah for sure

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