[ hiii pls help me w choosing a title ! ]

sorry if this is in the wrong categoryy :relieved:

so, i’m writin’ a story, but i’m not sure if this is a good title. it b helpful if you could suggest some ideas or give me feedback <33

i don’t have an official 180 char. description, so i’ll just sum up the plot:

haven rose williams has fallen in love multiple times, each being unrequited. she could never win the heart of her chosen one, eventually leading her to repress her romantic emotions since she was afraid they’d never be returned, and ruining her view of men, love, and heartbreak. haven assumed she didn’t have enough energy to deal with a real relationship. but after being diagnosed with a deadly disease, it seems as if she doesn’t have much time left, and haven decides to keep if from her friends-- anyone other than immediate family. one day she would just… disappear. a boy who’s been invisible to her almost her entire life suddenly shows up, and she realizes she’s found a safe place. so has he. someone she can confide in, and it scares her, nearly to death, if she wasn’t on the verge of dying. only issue is that he has secrets too. and hearing them could potentially ruin haven… before her disease does.

as of now, it’s called safe haven mostly because it means having some place-- someone, or something, that makes you feel protected, or able to confide in. not to mention haven makes him feel safe.

i swear, the narration and character development will be worth reading. i’m sorry if it sounds cliche, it certainly won’t be.

any tips? ideas? thank you <3


I like the tittle already!!


that makes me really happy :pleading_face: ty <3


I like Safe Haven too…, but if you’re still tossing up ideas, based off what you described, how about the following:
A Race Against The Clock
Till Death Do Us Part
Time Unforgiven
Love Unknown
Those are my thoughts based on what you described.
There’s nothing wrong with Safe Haven…Just offering more ideas.


thank you for the ideas :relaxed:

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Of course, dear, and you can kind of merge the two… for instance, if you wanted to keep Safe Haven… You could do something like Safe Have…Time Unforgiven… or Safe Haven…A Love Unknown…Still throwing out ideas.
Your Cover would ultimately, be Safe Haven, then whatever after thought like Time Unforgiven or A Love Unknown would be in the center or wherever else you decide to place your title…Saying that I’m not telling you to choose my ideas, I’m just giving you a different way to think about it. If you do go with one of those, I hope it’s eye catching and will draw readers… Best of Luck.


Til Death Do Us Part is really good, though it was already recommended.


Love Eternal
Eternal Love
The Haven Above

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