Hijabi Friendly Outfit Thread

So I wanted to add some outfits to the thread above for my hijab wearing characters, but it has since been closed.

So I’m just starting this thread up to continue from what @clarkies created.

Basically, I have these outfits created, and I was wondering if they were modest enough for my characters :smiley: because I really don’t want to do anything wrong here :sweat_smile: so recommendations on how to change them are also very welcome!

Also: if you as a reader choose to wear a headscarf, what types of scarves in the portal do you prefer to wear? Just as a preference when creating your own outfits :slight_smile:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Alternate Outfit 2

Outfit 3


do you know what would make a good ball gown.


my charatere

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I only have these two (and the second one has no shoes lol I need to fix that)


Moved to Art Resources since this is for outfit creation. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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I love these ballgown looks sm

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That last one is :heart_eyes:

God I hope these post side-by-side and not in one long column
(Nope :slight_smile: we can’t have nice things)

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I want to add some.

I’m not sure how accurate the last two are. So, I hope a little wrist showing is okay. If not, someone let me know, please. And, I’m not sure how accurate the other outfit is (all black one) she’s in the security field. (bodyguard.)

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Special thanks to @LiyahxWrites for telling me about this thread! I’m adding a few outfits that I’ve used for my Muslim character in my story:

@LiyahxWrites to answer your question, sometimes it’s okay to show a little skin (depends on how religious the person is though). Considering we have limited options here, I would say your outfits are perfect already!


bump :heart:

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I tried my best! Please someone tell me if i made any mistakes or something should be corrected.


In my story the main character has an option to wear a hijab/modest clothing so here are some of mine.

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I have two others here!

Also bump!

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Here’s a few outfits I’ve made and used:

Be wary of the back in this last one - I recommend to add a singlet top underneath for rear facing animations