Hilarious cliche episode stories

Hi! You play this game by writing cliche and absolutely bizarre episode descriptions based on a given title.
For example:
Title: In love with the super gangster tattooed bad boy at school

You’re an intelligent nobody at school. Your best friend: beautiful, smart, and a party girl. You— not so much. Your best friend eventually persuades you to go to the Halloween party where you grab the attention of a HOT bad boy. Will you fall for him in a whirlwind romance?

Then you give another title for the next person like—Intense Love triangle with the golden boy and the bad boy

And the next person writes a description for that title and they give a title at the end for the next person, and so on and so forth

Make it as crazy as you want😜


I’m going to assume this is the title to go with? lol.

Description: You’re the new girl at school and all eyes are on you! Both the school’s golden boy and the bad boy with a troubled past want you. What will you do? And what will happen when you discover they’re brothers? Can you handle the heat?

Title: Pregnant by the Alien Gangster Teacher


Description: You are kidnapped by your own school teacher,who forces you to get pregnant to produce new members for his gang to start a war on Mars. Are you able to resist his charms before it’s too late?


Title: Craving my psycho werewolf lover


you’re the shy girl at school. what happens when the boy with a dark past sets his eyes on you? and what happens when you find out he’s a killer werewolf? will you fall for his seductive game?

title: falling for my best friend’s gang leader brother


description: your best friend’s brother has always had that edgy aura around him - the one that screams danger but is also impossible to stay away from. as fate draws them closer, will everything crumble when one unfortunate night brings everything to light?

title: kidnapped by my crazy, vampire ex boyfriend.


You are about to start your new life in New York - until a ghost from your past shows up. Except he’s not a ghost - he’s a vampire! Will you be able to escape his bite?

title: arranged marriage to a bad boy.


The bad boy you try to avoid at school. Is the boy you are forced to marry, as a last wish, by your lately deceased parents.

Title: Pregnant by the twin brother of your best friends half-sister


in a strange turn of events in which you sleep with two identical people, it’s up to you to figure out who fathers your baby, since you’re too poor for a dna test.

title: Turned Into a Vampire By My Boyfriend’s Dad’s Second Cousin’s Boss


At a cold December night you got bitten by an old CEO that happens to be the Boss of your boyfriends dad second cousin… Not knowing that that old CEO is a vampire… You turn into a vampire…

Title: Fantasy of a Little Vampire Witch’s enemy…


You have your new life under the moon - hiding from the light. Then you saw a familiar face-- Also hiding in the shadows. It’s your childhood bestfriend!— except he’s a zombie?!

Title: My Bestfriend and me under the moonlight



You had a crush on your best friend for over 8 years now, when one night under the moonlight he confesses his love. But that’s not the only thing that he confesses…

Title: pregnant by santa, in love with a CEO and engaged to the vampire mafia leader

SAME, OMGG (and my title is lowkey disturbing lmao)


After a tragedy you find out you are pregnant after a one night stand with santa after a christmas party. During that party you felt in love with a CEO… But your parents arranged a marriage with his older brother, who is a vampire mafia leader… :wink:

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Title: Virtual Pregnant by a Badboy Cousins Girlfriends Brother


While in quarantine, you found out that there is an app for getting pregnant. You decided to get pregnant by a hot bad boy cousin’s girlfriend’s brother, what will happen when he finds out? Will you get married to him?

Title: falling for the school’s Bad Boy and his brother


You a shy good girl falls for the schools bad boy from the first time you met him… Actually the feelings for his identical twin brother grows more and more after an accidentally encounter in a creepy alley…

Title: Married to your ex boyfriends werewolf bully…

( :laughing: :clown_face: I suddenly start to laugh after I read my own title. I don’t feel sorry for your ex… :laughing: :laughing:)


You have been married to the love of your life for 5 years, but he is a werewolf. Hiding from humans is hard enough, but then your crazy ex boyfriend turns up and tells you that is here to get revenge on his high school bully… Your husband!

Title: Your Mom married the ghost of your babies father…

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One night you come back from a party to your mom giving you the exciting news: she’s getting married! But what happens when you find out she’s marrying your baby daddy who you supposedly killed a month ago?

Title: My best friend’s sister’s fiance’s roomate gang leader breaks into my room at night


Every night, you hear sounds coming from downstairs. You usually ignore it, telling yourself that it must be your cat, but then you remember that you dont have a cat, and when you look one night, you realise that it is your best friends sisters fiances roomate gang leader! How will you deal with this?

Title: My dead dad ran me over


You lost your father a few years ago during a car accident. Present time you realise that the brakes of your car don’t work as good as they did before. When you want to look under the car what’s going on/wrong you feel a paranormal force riding you over with the car… It’s your dead dad… Can you handle the force??

Title: Avoiding the deaf bad boys baby brothers teacher


After you ended your not-so-well past relationship with your high school teacher, you’ve swore that you’ll never fall in love with a teacher again. But what happens when a deaf bad boy friend of yours introduce you to his baby brother’s hot teacher?

Title: Falling for your mom’s hottie werewolf baby daddy


You always knew that something weird was going on with your mom, but you never expected it to be that she was dating a werewolf. After going to dinner you find out about his dark past and find yourself falling for him. How will your mom react?

Title: I ate my hot teacher