Hilarious cliche episode stories

It’s your wedding day! Hooray! Except you’ve just been diagnosed with a disorder that makes you walk backward for the rest of your life. Howver, you’re determined to find a cure…but at what cost? Will you be cured in time, or will you run out in embarrassment?

Title: falling for my uncle and his golddigger fiance in Italy

20 years ago your Uncle moves to Italy in hopes to find true love, 20 years later you move to Italy, and unfortunately fall in love with your uncle, but turns out he has a fiance, you can automatically tell she loves him for his money, but then you fall in love with her too. Will you be able to resist your growing feeling for this unlikely couple, or will you give in to their charms?

Title: My mother’s cousin’s grandmother’s younger brother’s wife is a vampire

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Your family has been humans for a century. Crazy, right?!
Well, you never expected SOMEONE in your lineage to be a vampire!! You feel the lineage is tainted now, so you decide to try and kill her. However, you fall for her DEVILISH hotness! 1 LI, LGBTQ, FULL CC, CHOICES MATTER

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What’s the next title

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My grandma is a witch and I decide to hunt down the man who killed her uncle’s stepsisters brothers nephew, but we end up falling in love instead and I find out he is part of the mafia.

You always thought you were ordinary. Until you met him, hot, irresistible, and leader of the biggest gang in the kingdom. With the help of his gang will you avenge the death of your grandma’s close friend and fall in love. LL, CC, LGBTQ+, 1LI, FULL CC, CHOICES MATTER

Title: Oops I’m Pregnant By The Alien Badboy Mafia Leader and I’m Also Having an Affair with 5 Other Guys

Honestly I’ve seen episode stories like this :grimacing:


:laughing: I don’t want to read this one for real… It’s bad… :laughing:

You have morning sickness for a few days and discover you are pregnant. Pregnant by the bad boy Mafia Leader who is also an Alien?? :scream: He asks you to become his girlfriend and you say Yes… But you suddenly remember what you did at that college party… Or what can we say… Who you did at that college party. :scream: 5 guys??? How are you going to explain that to your hot bad boy baby daddy???
6 LI’s, CC, CC for all the LI’s and Choices Matter

Title: The crazy bad girl and her nerdy twin sister who is secretly the leader of one of the biggest Mafia clans in the world.

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You, stunning, cold and callous. Her, shy, sweet and nerdy. You’re twins, and you’ve both just found out the biggest secret of your lives…you are potential heirs to be the leader of your secret mafia! Will you fight for your place or will you surrender to family love and values?

Title: He’s a hot nerd and I’m a snooty popular girl who bullies everyone except him

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Bad Boys and The Hottie Werewolf Demon Alpha hybrid who is tattoed and likes killing and blows up orphans