Hiring artists and editors [ Not hiring right now]

I want to open an art shop but I don’t want to be alone do I will be hiring 5 people All you have to do is tell me what kind of art you are doing and send me some examples . The shop is open


I would love to join!

I’ll do mainly pfps and sometimes covers or splashes but I don’t do any custom poses at the moment :grin:

I don’t know if you’ll do this at all but I also do aesthetics/mood boards so I’ll add it to the examples :upside_down_face:



Amazing work you’re in
Just tell me how many requests can you do at a time

So far 2/5

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Thank you! I can take three at a time

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Ok :blush:

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It’s 3/5

Hey! I would love to join!

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Show me some examples :grinning:

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You can message me personally for the examples…

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Okay! I have messaged you with them! I hope they’re okay! :blob_hearts:

They are awesome

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only one left

Do you like it?

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Yes! But I was thinking that you could add one of those details things to hide the examples because it takes a while to scroll down to get to the forms :grin:

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I don’t know how to do that

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[details = Examples]
Put the examples here

To close it just change the last part to /details but keep the square brackets

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We have it 5/5

Hiring again 4 people if you are interested in joining then you can answer below or PM me

Want an editor?