Hiring! Artists & Editors [CLOSED]

Hello! :blush:
I was working on expanding my art shop (Art & Edit Shop 🎨✨), for this I am looking for Artists & Editors. The current offer in my shop refers to Covers, Splashes, Profile Pictures, Character Cards, Backgrounds, Overlays, Art Scenes and Custom Poses (Of course this can be extended)

If you are interested, I would be happy if I could also give some examples of your work at the same time.

Thanks in advance. :relaxed:


I would like to join!
(I have a few others.)



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Heyo, Love to join!


Screenshot (482)

Covers, Splashes, overlays, custom poses, and edits!!

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Hiya! I would love to join!


My specialty is pfp but I don’t have examples on hand!

I’m sorry, but I’m not looking for new members to join atm. That’s why the title also includes ‘Closed’.

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Sorry, didn’t notice!

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