Hiring Cover/Background Artist

Hi everyone I’m opening a art shop were you can have artist make custom covers and backgrounds for your story’s and I can also help you with covers and backgrounds but I am also hiring creators to help me.

Revti Prasad

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If you would like a splash I am still getting the hang of splashes but if there is a creator that would like a splash I could help you find the perfect Artist for you

I can help. Examples are on my shop.

Of course

Welcome your the first person!

If you would like a cover or background please credit the artist who did it


are you still hiring @Revti

Let me know if yes

My instagram is @Jhbutterfly67 or PM me here using my forum name @nicollil

OMG Im so so sorry i didn’t reply i only saw your message last night and yes pls i would like a cover <3

Can u make me a cover i kinda bad at making covers XD I saw your examples they were :ok_hand:

Btw cupcake :smiley:

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Sure :blob_hearts:

Awwww Tysm!

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Its a new story that I Just started so ill make the characters and get a background for ya <3

And give u the info

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Ok, I’m looking forwards to helping you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awww tysm!!! <3 Btw i Love butteryflys :3

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