Hiring editor for an upcoming shop (closed)

Hey guys so if you are an editor/artist and you are free and are of searching a hiring shop, you have came to the right place. I am thinking of opening this art shop on hopefully early jan. If you are free and willing to join. Dm me or comment down :blush:

For joining, just fill this form
i. what can you do?
ii. how many requests can you take at a time?
iii. what type of characters do you edit/draw?
iv. with what name do you want the credit
v. Some examples of your edit/art
vi. how does your character look (if its limelight it would be great however if its ink its still ok)

Hope they aren’t much😁

So for me i can do

i. Cover
ii. Profile pic
iii. Character cards
iv. Outfit creation
v. Character creation
vi. Text overlay
vi. Splashes


Just one to be clear this was my first ever edit and i don’t really have anything now

profile pic

The profile pic i will do will not be my oc

character cards

outfit creation

Business outfit


Casual wear

character creation

text overlays


Let be clear with you- this examples i have given is the first time i have tried anything.
I do drawn one as well for commission and if you want to see how they look


want to see more of my art you can check my insta

If you don’t understand anything message me
And also sorry if you don’t understand
You can also dm in my insta @2eerina
I have tried to open hiring before as well but then i by mistakely flagged it



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  1. I can do… Covers, Art, character cards, Pfp (drawn/edited), splashes ,text overlays, outfits, overlays.
  2. Idk…hehe maybe 2-3 per day?
  3. hmm… I edited only LL till now, and as for drawn I do cartoonish, LL and realistic
  4. Tessa
  5. I will send u in private hehe
  6. i dont understand this question…
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