Hiring Editors!

Urgently looking for Editors!

Hi! I recently started my group on Instagram, it’s called @Episode.eminent

We are hiring and are looking for Editors to join but, many roles are still to be filled.

You can direct message me on Instagram via. The group or my personal @Natz_epi or fill out a form here: https://lnk.bio/vUpn

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So I just sent in an application, now I’m assuming by being a proof/beta/editer there is no restrictions on like our on stories right?

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What do you mean? :blush:

Like you know how in like cooperate buisness world if you join a group or you get a job, it may come with restrictions. I’m assuming when you join the group, and ur an author, you’re still ur own person and there is no restrictions to your stories

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There are no restrictions.

Okay cool

Is it just editors you are hiring or are there other spots also?

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There are other spots to be filled as well