HIRING - epi.races

Hey, I’m apart of an Instagram group called @epi.races. We are currently hiring

we need:
Story reviwers
General editors
Special art scene makers

:gift_heart: please pm me on there :gift_heart:

Hey! I could be a story reviwer :slight_smile:

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Yes please. Messge my insta @epi.races

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I can be a general editor! :smiley:

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Yeah sure pm my insta :blush:

Can I be a general editor?

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I’ll be happy to be the reviewer.

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Yes please :heart_eyes: its okay. Pm me @epi.races

Yes please :grin: pm me at @epi.races

Yes please!!! Pm my insta at @epi.races :laughing:

I just messaged you.

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