I’m recruiting for a group! The thing is – and this is gonna sound really rude – I’m so tired of people that lack of talent on the forums. Yes, that is harsh and direct, but sometimes you just got to face the truth.

I’m looking to make a team of:

  • Talented editors/artists
  • Authors that can help with directing, even be writing partners to help beginners and etc.
  • Honest reviewers
  • Searchers (people that go around the forums and offer the help people ask for in their threads to give them more options than just request on a group thread)

If you want to sign up you will have to fill in a request form. I will accept those I judge are talented (it’s not that hard, I just mean that I’m tired of so many common art shops were the covers are copy-pasted characters and the white outline are very obvious and appearing).

I just want the best for the best help one (a team) can offer!

What I need from you if you want to be an:


Or editor. Both go together.

  • An example – the more the better – of your art
  • Your collaboration
  • Your services to offer for free
  • You to be available enough, I understand that you have a life and you won’t always be active
  • Still some level of active
  • An example of a script you’ve written (if possible, a video recording of it so I don’t have to create characters on my portal)
  • Your story – if you have one, if you don’t it’s alright too – because I want to read it!
  • An example of review(s) you’ve done (link to your thread is fine)

You can be a searcher and anything else, since it’s not such a hard job.

  • Basic knowledge of how to tag people
  • That’s it
Any of the above
  • Instagram
  • Team work comfort

What I offer you in return:

  • My gratitude (haha)
  • Recognition (I will give shout outs)
  • A family! (private group on the forums and instagram)
  • Art, reviews and scripts done by our members!
  • Support
  • Help with anything
  • A background checked (forum and social media past) member base

I will background check you to make sure:

  • You have not made any racist comments/remarks
  • You have bullied any users
  • You have stayed respectful of others in the past

Sign up here:
epi.talent Request Form

Thank for applying! Have a good day/night! :wink:


Lol I wish I was talented my art is ass tho

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Hey, thanks for replying! Did you fill in the form?

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Tbh I wish I could but I don’t think my art is that good what do you think :sob:

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It’s alright, you can always improve. Anyway you can choose to be an author/reviewer/searcher if you’re not sure about your art. You can even apply for up to two positions.


Isn’t a searcher like someone who tags someone to come to the tread like if they need art or a review

Exactly, so if you do choose that, I recommend you choose something else too

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Okay I will do that and review let me fill out the form

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at it and give you a follow-up in a PM.

I summit.
I do drawn art but can I not take cover/art scenes requests for now because they are stressing me out.

hey I tried filling the form to be an author, but it won’t go through cause I need to send examples of my work :sweat_smile: I tried to send videos but it keeps saying my files are too big, meaning my videos would only be like 10 seconds if I upload them :sweat_smile:

I hear you; maybe give me all the info in a PM that way you can send your videos.

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Submitted :sweat_smile:

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Alright! :innocent:

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Okay so videos actually can’t be sent at all through PM :joy: (just images) So where should I send the videos ?

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Instagram? @cecehunter_epi


sounds good ! Sorry about the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

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Hiyaaaa I was just wondering how this group shop works… cause I have a shop of my own but like I never shared one before :heart:

Alright my form is complete :innocent: I’ve sent everything on your instagram with my examples !

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