HIRING - Episode insta group

Hey guys, I had a group on Instagram called “epi.monkeys” we’ve lost 5 or even more members the other day because 2 caused drama, and the others left because of it.

Idk if I should carry it on and hire new people? But if so, i will need;

2-5 cover editors
2-5 general editors
2-5 story reviewers
2-5 slash editors
2-5 special art scene makers
1-2 ootd
1-2 qotd

We have a few members left but if you’d like to join, message @epi.monkeys or @riley_episode.writes


I’d like to join!

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Great :grin: message me on insta @riley_episode.writes

Yayy :grin: message me on insta @riley_episode.writes