HIRING - @epy.shine Ootd&Qotd

Hiring an ootd and qotd
Also in need of editors and special scene makers but desperate for ootd and qotd :slight_smile: please dm my insta @epi_riley

I can do the qotd

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Yes please :grin: dm on insta please @epi_riley

I can’t dm for some reason my instagram won’t let me but is there any other way we could contact each other?

You could give me your insta and I’ll send you a message first? And don’t think so :tired_face:

Let’s try it’s Mimi.0829

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I requested to follow [quote=“Mimi0829, post:7, topic:79772”]

Will have to be email ?:confused:

I got your follow

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Do you still need a qotd person because my dms work now and I can do it.