Hiring for edited arts and pfps....(open)

So guyss!!

i currently started an art shop and looking for someone who does edited pfps, art scenes, character cards, etc…

it is for my art shop" BLACK"

here’s the link

you can contact here as well as pm me if u up for it!

CURRENTLY HIRING OPEN!!! :blush: :star_struck:


Hi I would like to join!!!

My examples are in my shop :smiling_face:

Please check if you want to see them!!

Also please let me know if I’m hired or not :wink:

The link to my shop :smiling_face:

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Sure I would say to you as soon as possible

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Okie dokie

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Hey. I don’t do edited PFP’s, I do drawn ones, aswell as full body characters, I don’t know if you are also looking for that? I can send you some examples by PM.


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Ohh hey ya sure u can pm me