Hiring for my new art shop. (New Group Hiring!)

Hello dear friends, how are you all?
The purpose of this topic is that I opened a new art shop Moonlight Art Shop.
And as the title above, I need some artists.
So what if you guys are interested, PM me, send me your examples and tell me what you can do or if you don’t want to PM, you can simply add your examples, how to credit you and what you can do here itself.
Choice is yours.
Okay, I need people with these current works that they can do.


  1. Mood boards
  2. Splashes.
  3. Cover (edited and drawn)
  4. Profile Pictures
  5. Art Scenes
  6. Overlays (Text Overlays as well)
  7. Edits
  8. Character Cards
  9. Character Creation
  10. Outfits maker.
  11. Menu Templates
  12. Custom Poses
  13. Background.

Thanks and if you need the link of my shop, here it is.
You can also request as well.

Thanks loves.
Hope to see that I get requests and more attraction to the shop
Bye bye loves


Hello @Alison3 ,
I am interested in your art shop and I want to be an artist. I am new here but if you help me a little I am sure I can do an amazing work :blush:. I can draw very nicely. I hope so I can help.
You can credit me here .

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Pm me and then we can send me your details

Hey @Alison3
I am really interested in your shop,And I have a lot of time of my hand so I learned how to do character Cards, Covers,Splashes,Mood Boards, Outfit maker and I’m working on learning how to work with background. So if I could work at your shop it would be great ,but if not it’s okay I understand.

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Dont worry just pm me your forms and examples and then i add you to the necessary groups


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Do you want to be hired in our shop?
If yes, PM me so that we could discuss.