~Hiring for Support thread~

Hey Y’all I made a poll yesterday about whether should we do it or not and we got 15 votes to do a support thread. For any of you that don’t know about the Support thread I’m going to open, this is what we’re gonna host, provide and help people with…

  • Contests :revolving_hearts:
  • Request splashes for your story :heartpulse:
  • Request backgrounds for your story :alien:
  • Give you motivation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Coding Help :revolving_hearts:
  • Hepling with story decsriptions, names :kiss:
    And more

If you want to be a member or help do any of these things, just feel free fill out the forms

-Hiring up to 7 people :see_no_evil:


What is your name?
When will you be available
what do you want to help/ provide in this support thread?
Tell me about yourself?

Thank youu

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  • Nie

  • Depends, I’m always available except from when I’m asleep.

  • Maybe give u motiv, coding help, and suggestions of names and stuffs. And maybe with the splashes and background, if im not busy.

  • I am actually really nice lol but I am kinda a dry texter lolol, also, I can be your friend and help you whenever you’re facing some tough times.

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Thank you for filling out :rofl:
I love what you said about yourself. :see_no_evil:

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Here is my form

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Name’s Elizabeth

I’m mostly always available but depending on time zones I can’t say when I’ll be available in someone else’s timeframe.

I can help with editing, proofreading, motivation, descriptions and naming.

I’m an introvert who likes to spend time reading, watching movies, listening to music and daydreaming lol(when I’m not working that is) . I like coming up with new things for my brain to think about. I also don’t mind being friends so if all you’re looking for is also friendship I don’t mind.

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  • Maia Rose
  • I am currently available all day, except for when I am asleep. I will be going back to school soon, which will take up some of my time. That being said, I will still be able to perform all necessary tasks for this group.
  • I can help with story descriptions, proofreading, coding, and general writing related advice. I also have experience doing story reviews and am able to do some if needed.
  • I like reading, writing, singing, and other art related activities. I play the piano and do color guard. My favorite season is autumn and my favorite color is green. I often seem like a quiet person, but I do open up more as I get to know someone.

What is your name? Mira
When will you be available: Probably always, but mostly on the weekends
What do you want to help/ provide in this support thread? I can help with making covers/ splashes, oraganizing contests and making descriptions!
Tell me about yourself? I’m a pretty energetic person & I love meeting new people! I also really like reading and watching series & movies. I play handball, but I’m actually a pretty lazy person lol


Thanks girl :heart: love the name always a fan of it

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Thanks Elizabeth :heart::sob:
:joy:love to read and watch movies to binge watching- that is.

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Thank you Mira :heart::heart:

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Thanks Maia :heart::yellow_heart:

Lol. Binge watching is life :blush:

Ikr. 🤦 :heart: Can’t stop it :joy::joy:

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You’re not alone​:sweat_smile::persevere:

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If you still need ppl, I’d be happy to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::


Name: Nat.Alia (Forums), Smile XD (App), Natalia (irl)
Available: Weekends, Late Afternoon during school week
Help: I have contest experience, I’m familiar with Episode coding, and I’m also an artist (see examples on Linktree website) on the side. I’m also okay with being a shoulder to cry on.

People’s first impression of me is that I’m really withdrawn, cold, and quiet, but my friends know me to be loyal, easy-going, and supportive. I love reading, writing, and drawing. I spend a lot of time listening/playing music and studying for school/Science Olympiad Varsity. So, yeah, you could call me an over-achiever, if you want. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you sm x

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Is this still going to happen?