Hiring for Trending art shop

Hello there :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Me and another girl created a shop and she added @epy.love too but now she left so it’s my responsibility for the shop
And guess what guys I decided that we should hire some people ( maybe 6 fir starters and then we’ll she how it goes) ( if there eill be needing for hiring again this thread will say open and if it’s full it’ll say closed)
Thanks everyone
Leave what you can do your examples and how many requests you can take at a time :wink:


I’ll join! :slight_smile:
I do covers, splashes, art scenes, banners, CDC and pfps.
I take 3 requests

Gazza's examples


Art scenes




Character Detail Cards



download (1)

I can join!
I make intros/outros , covers, characters, outfits, character card,splashes and banners.(5 requests)


Hello! I’m hoping to join! :point_right:t2: :point_left:t2:

I do covers, art scenes, splashes, banners (My specialty), character cards, PFPs, overlays, intros/ outros, characters, and outfits! I can take 5 people at a time. :slight_smile:


I did a lot of work on my old laptop, and recently got this one, I may not have a ton at the moment, but I could try to revive the others?

@Katy_2 I have a question, does making outfits count?

If not that’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:

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@GennieG you wanna join? :clown_face:

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I need to finish this example right quick then I’ll join :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

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Hello!, I’d like to join!

I do Edited splashes and overlays, Digital Artwork for my Outlines and Covers! :orange_heart:

I take as many request as possible, I usually do my work fast and get it done within a day or so , there is no limit for the Overlays and splashes, Although for the Outlines and covers I only take 3 at a time



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Here are my examples!
I can do character cards and custom poses and characters and splashes. I can take 3 :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

I’m confused? Are you the one running this shop? If so can you please answer my question :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing::sweat_smile:

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Heyy! I can so edits (intros , outros , covers, character cards, banners, splashes ) outfits and characters for LL. I can take 4 requests at time.


Nope loll, i was just tagging my friend @GennieG because she was desperate for work :clown_face:
Gen im so sorry for exposing you-




Jaja, that’s ok


idk if i can still join but here


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@Katy_2 Hi, I would like to join you art shop if possible. I’ll leave my details down below. Thanks! :smile:

What can I do?

  • Small Drawings and Edits
  • Pfp - (Drawn only and can add filters too)
  • Templates
  • Splashes / Banners - (Edits Only)
  • Character Cards - (Both Edit and Drawn)
  • Overlays
  • Outfits / Characters
  • Covers - (Coming Soon)


Character Cards





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Edit, Draw, or both?
I can do both.

How many request do you take at a time?
I can do three request at a time.

How would you like them to credit you?
Either on Instagram bio or episode forum bio. (Both the same @Epy.ChiefAngel)

Hey, is hiring still open? I would like to join.
I can do splashes(I’m still working on making character cards, I’ll tell you when I’m able to)

My Examples

This drawing was not made by me

I can take 3 requests at a time…

Hello everyone :blush:
Thank you so much for replying but we’re going to have to close that shop BUT we’re going to open a new one and we’re going to also open another topic for hiring and we can tag you all if you want
@Gazza_Episode @Lexy_Bae @shawtyisamelody @aze_nieve @GennieG @gummybears1 @Jeni.Creates @Fierce @Epy.ChiefAngel @PSGirl1316 @DivCp


Hey, Thanks for letting me know! Yeah you can tag me :purple_heart:


Of course, you can tag me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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