Hiring LL/CP Artists For Shop

My group Cosmic Brownies Art Shop is in need of another LL artist/custom pose artist. We’re hiring around 2 people. We have a lot of LL request but no one to do them since me and another can’t take them up. I have a lot of requests to work on.

Please leave your examples below and what all you do. :two_hearts:

If anyone does drawn LL Art let me know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sure why not!
i can do LL covers, custom poses, backgrounds (only edited)

(credit is zoe.exe on episode (: )

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Thank you :heart: I love your examples :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

<3 so am i in? (no hard feelings if not!)

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Yes. I’ll put you in the group chat and put your examples up in a second :two_hearts:

Thankss :purple_heart:

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Hi there. :slight_smile: Idk if ur still in need of an artist but imma just put my deets here in case u r. If ur not then no worries :yum:
I haven’t done requests on here for a while so I may be out of the loop so yah. Here’s some examples, I do only drawn Ink and LL art scenes and covers. These are some of my most recent ones btw… lemme know if u need anything else

Do NOT steal my art or I’ll hunt u down!

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We’d love to have you :sparkling_heart: I’ll add you in the chat rn :two_hearts:

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