(HIRING) Medieval Episode (+LGBT)πŸ‘‘ (NEED MORE ARTIST!)


Welcome to our kingdom, traveler! We would love to hear of your wild adventures and would love for you to help us build some tales of our own too!

We welcome any and everyone! :cherry_blossom:

Just fill out this forum, comment that you submitted it and you may just be one step closer to riding a dragon ( :wink: )!!


Is this like making a story together?
I filled out the form.




I filled out the form, but I didn’t use my actual username


That’s fine




Come and join us!!
Let your imagination run wild and your spirit roam free everyone’s invited especially the weird and wacky! Create stories laugh and connect with others give ideas…
Embark on an adventures. learn laugh and bump up your levels in our server!!
join now!!!
(See dis persuasion skills! Aye!!)
For real though :joy::joy:




I filled the form.


I filled out the form >.<