Hiring people for Episode.Artistry [STILL ACCEPTING]


Hey guys! I know I just came to the forums but I would love to start an art thread with someone. I been looking at all of the art threads but the one I like the most is Jayla & Abbey edits! They’re great artists!

Fill out form:

P.S Please copy and paste this and then write the answers :blush:

Why you want to join:

What art can you do? Like Splashes, Cover… etc :

Please send examples along the way! :wink:

So far people in our group:


Anyone need an art partner?

Why you want to join: I have a lot of time on my hands and am bored

What art can you do? Like Splashes, Cover… etc : I can do covers, splashes and overlays.





Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re art is great


So when will I know if I am your partner or not???


You are :blush:


Thank you so much! When will we start on the thread?




I haven’t been in an art group in a while and I kinda miss it they are really fun and interesting to do!

I can do covers, splashes, overlays, whatever need be honestly

image SQWA


I know that you do backgrounds. Do you want to join our group?


sure <3 thanks


Can you put your entry form through?


Why do you want to join: I really wanna be in an art group because i feel like it’s fun helping people

What can you do: Splashes, Covers and banners

I have a life so people will have to accept that


The art thread banner i used for my thread but i think I’m gonna close that



Were you added to the group yet if not i can add you now?


Of course! I will add you to our thread


lel ok Ive been MIA sorry


Buuumppp hoping for more people


Hey gurl maybe I can join?


Course! Ill add you later