HIRING! Writers to contribute to a mystery series of short stories

Hey everyone.

I am giving someone an opportunity to be apart of the Bailey Files writers team. Call it a competition if you like. Your job is to come up with a ‘crime’ that Detective Sergeant Bailey and his squad can solve in 2020. The winner will definitely be mentioned in the credits when the story is created. Only rule is that it has be within the content guidelines.

You can give me a synopsis, just a title or a chapter length. It is up to you.

Good luck!

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@Annasilveroriginal, @Allie_Diamond_Epy,@AMagic you guys want to join?

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Idk, I need more details. Like do we help her write it or we try to write it?

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@AMagic I have no idea.
@Katie36 @AMagic has a question for you.

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Well it’s an opportunity to be creative. It’s a series of short stories so I just thought I produce a platform for someone to think of a crime story and have name mentioned to help their own episode exposure.

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You can give me a theme of the crime and I can write about it or if you want to write a chapter and I finish it off, all up to you. I had someone just set the scene for theirs.


Thanks for tagging!

Luv this