Historical fictions

Hello friends!

So as a writer who LOVES stories based on historical events/ characters etc, I would like to ask what is your opinion about such stories??? In my opinion they are very underrated, but gladly the latest years I see more coming out.

What do you think should be inproved in order to gain more popularity as a genre??


I absolutely love all historical stories, because they tell us about the past and things that happened in the past. I also love seeing these kind of stories. History is my favourite subject, and I love exploring it. Only problem is, it’s really hard to write them because:

  • Episode doesn’t have a lot of bg and they are practically impossible to find
  • Episode also doesn’t have a lot of historical outfits and it’s practically impossible to dress the character, so it fits the story and the timeline.
  • A lot of things like hairstyles, facial features it’s really hard to put together, because in the old times, they were a bit different from these days.

But I really hope episode will release some assets that will help the writers to write them. They are Already moving a bit further because I have a test story right now that’s from LGBTQ and I think that’s like really rarely seen as an episode official.


i have a story that’s set in the 50’s, and i think one of the main reasons why it’s not as popular on episode is because of the lack of assets :melting_face:

it’s harder to make outfits than it would be for a modern story, because a lottt of the clothing is extremely modern
let alone backgrounds :skull: it’s so hard to find backgrounds that fit!! whether it’s on the portal or through other peoples drives. looking for backgrounds was definitely my least favorite part of writing it just because of how annoying and hard it is :sob:


One of my favorite stories is a historical fiction, I love them too!

I think the main reason it’s not as popular to write is because it takes a lot of research to be accurate like with slang, clothing, and general living. But maybe for readers, I could see people not finding it as interesting as modern stories because they may not relate to it as well.

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