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dang, i’m so sorry for your loss :fearful: that sucks

don’t apologize for swearing hahaha, if i were you, i’d be just as frustrated… but you’re not a punk ass slut, okay? you’re not stupid either, shit happens lol


I know you’re frustrated and letting it all out but sometimes bad things happen. We are only human after all, and we do make mistakes. Remember to breathe deep, ok? I deleted a part of my script once and was devastated but I re-wrote another one. This made me realize it’s always important to save your script on a word document or another location so you have a back up. You made an error but you will learn from it- listen to me, don’t call yourself negative things, go to sleep, take some time to relax and write it out on a word doc, and save. Then paste it into writer’s portal. It happens, sometimes we lose pieces of our script, but are we really going to stay upset over it? No, we work hard and have fun on Episode. Don’t be discouraged, be determined !



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