Hiya if anyone can help with the coding of dirty dancing lift that be a great help thank you

So I’m not sure if I’m being dumb or I am missing something…

I am trying to code that my character Lucky dose the dirty dancing lift with his little sister Trish but I just can’t seem to figure out where I am going wrong… as when Trish does the action she runs in the air then goes to the spot of being above Luckys head (if that makes sence)… thinking it might be because she is small ?

@LUCKY spot 0.920 -50 152 AND LUCKY faces right
@ALEXSIS OWEN spot 0.866 226 195 AND ALEXSIS OWEN faces left
@TRISH OWEN spot 0.623 278 200 AND TRISH OWEN faces left

    TRISH OWEN (idle_bounce_happy_loop)
Where is he?

    ALEXSIS OWEN (talk_armsraised_neutral)
He's coming Tinx!

    TRISH OWEN (talk_sad)
I don---
    TRISH OWEN (talk_excited_happy)

@LUCKY walks to spot 0.920 63 162 in 1
@pause for 1
@LUCKY is dance_lift_give_start AND TRISH OWEN spot 0.623 154 314 AND TRISH OWEN is dance_lift_receive_start

I have put the whole bit in so you can see…( will neaten my placing coding when I got the scene sorted lol) thank you for taking time to read

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its most likely because of her size.
I have played your code and I would sugest thst you will first run her towards Lucky to spot where she would normally run, than move her up to the spot from which she makes the dance animation instead.


Thought as much… will give that a go thank you for your help

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