Hiya! Would some people read my story and give me some reviews please?:)

This is my story its called Hate or Love. I have only done 5 chapters to see if anyone likes my story so far, i have 22 reads and i would like some more people to read it so i could get some feedback. If i get some good comments ill continue the story for my readers!

Thankyou for reading this! :smile:

Hiya to you too😉
Do you want to do read 4 read?

Yeah I would love to :slight_smile:

Great , I will also send you my story and will read yours …:wink:

story name?

how you made story cover i want to made cover for my story but i don’t know how…can you tell me please

Title —> Choose!!!
Style —> ink
Complete? —> 3(yes)
Genra —> adventure

PicsArt , but I wanna add character on my cover hence I will update it soon

Hate or love, what’s yours?

my story name is friends squad…can you tell is it ok if my story first episode is only 165 lines longer…

Isn’t it will be end quickly?
My story line 1005 , and many tell me it’s short

what? really but it is very long

can i publish my story which has only 165 lines?

I think it says you need 400+ lines to publish

I think my first episode was about 600 or 700 lines

I know😥

oh then what i do how can i delete my 2nd episode otherwise i can’t see my 1st episode in my mobile

Why not increase it —>
By adding cc , beat ends beat starts …or some dialogue ,
I think you can see it on mobile but not publish it🤔

ok i try…can i ask what is cc. i,m new in episodes…

Totally , character customise or dressing game or hair , lipstick :wink: this things increase length of episode