HLep with animating teardrop

Hi guys i need help animating teardrops this is the one that i have

I want it to fall and disappear
if someone can send me a template that would be awesome thx luv ya :heart:

I would put something like this:

@overlay TEARDROP create
@overlay TEARDROP moves to layer 5
@overlay TEARDROP opacity 1 in 1
Put the scale here

@overlay TEARDROP shifts to to x y in 2

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#To create it:

&overlay TEARDROP create
&overlay TEARDROP shifts to 183 335 in zone 3
&overlay TEARDROP scales to 0.061 0.061
&overlay TEARDROP to layer 3
@o verlay TEARDROP opacity 1 in 1

#To have it fall:

&o verlay TEARDROP shifts to 183 263 in zone 3 in 2
@o verlay TEARDROP opacity 0 in 2

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thx gurl :heart:

thank you :heart: