HMU for a writing partner

Hey episode writers! I need help with the script editing, backgrounds, and maybe cool art scenes! I know what I would like to write about, but I could really use help! Thanks!

I need a Coder, I know what I want to write about but just want a little help!!

I’ll be happy to help! Message me if you’re interested!

I would love to! I need help uploading my photos for backgrounds but no matter what I do, the sizes arent right

I can help you with that! Just send the backgrounds and you’ll have it!




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Omg Thank you so much you have no Idea how much It means to me! If you ever need writing ideas or inspiration HMU!! Also do you know any one who can make really cool covers for me?

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Last one! @Episode.BriarRose

Of course! You’ll need to wait a while!

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These are all the one-zone backgrounds… Oh, and about the covers, you can try me out!

These are all two-zones meaning you have to pan to the left or right using:

@pan to zone 2

Thank you! I hope you like them! If you’re in need of anything else, then please text me! I can even sdo your covers just check out my art story thread in my account!

Yo are such an Angel! They are perfect! And I would love if you would do it for me lemme go check it out!

I would love to help if you want!