Ho do i do that? 3 different endings

In my story, there are 3 love interests. If I let the reader choose who to take, do I have to write 3 different stories or only 3 different endings?
Because they can already choose in the middle of a story but the final decision i can take at the end of the story
Or am I wrong? And ho do i make 3 endings does that work with 3 differend links or ho does something like that works?


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Maybe with gains🤔

with gains.

If they chose from the half of the story then you’ll have to work with (if-chose_) and elif )thorugh the rest of the story, wich is remembering choices- tutorials on youtube availale
if it’s at the end then you’ll only need to use it for the end :smile:

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What are gains?

Gain is what enables you to remeber choice. So for example, if you wanna give the option to kiss or not someone to the readers, and then later remeber this choice, you have to put the gain. EXAMPLE:

Sould I kiss him?

“Do kiss”{

gain do_kiss

“Don’t kiss”{

gain dont_kiss


Then, when you want to remember the choice, you put like:

So what happened? Did you two kissed?

if (do_kiss){

Yeah, we did kiss.

}elif (dont_kiss){

No, we didn’t kiss



I think that is a little to much for my first story … but thanks anyway, i have a little question dough.
I made someone blush with this script:

@overlay BLUSH2 create
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 184 351 in 0 in zone 1
@overlay BLUSH2 scales to 1.000 1.000 in 0
@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 1 in 3

But no she stays blushing, i don’t know ho to take it away …

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If you want the blush to fade away you can put @overlay BLUSH2 opacity 0 in 3, for example :wink:

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You can have three endings in the same story if you use flags and labels. Flags, or gains, are the things you use to remember choices and labels take people to specific parts of the script.
So when your character chooses a love interest, it would work like this:
Who do I want to be with?
“Option 1” {
gain firstlove
} “Option 2” {
gain secondlove
} “Option 3” {
gain thirdlove

Then when you’re ready to branch off into the endings, you would recall them and send them to the labels like this:
if (firstlove) {
goto ending1
} elif (secondlove) {
goto ending2
} else {
goto ending3

label ending1
#This is where you’d write the ending for the first love interest.
goto end

label ending2
#This is where you’d write the ending for the second love interest.
goto end

label ending3
#This is where you’d write the ending for the third love interest.
goto end

label end
#Wrap things up. It’s important that each branch has a “goto” to return to the same point, or your script will continue to play through every label after it. I hope this makes sense! More information on how to do this is on the directing guides in the writer’s portal.

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thanks girl xxx

I’m a guy, but no problem. :laughing:

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Oh i am so sorry (blush) now x

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