Ho do i make 2 overlays from the tables with the food?

I just can’t

thank you xxx

I am sorry i don’t understand, is it that you want to make your own overlay?

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yes I want the table with the food because if I write I can’t work with so many overlays if the table is ready I only have one x

So if you want to know how to make those two tables to an overlay this may help:

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I want them x

Yeah if you want exactly those table you can use any editing app, for example Picsart is a great app. So let’s say that you are using Picsart:

  1. You have to cut out the background from the table (to do that you use the eraser on picsart)
  2. You make the “background” transparent.
  3. Use the thread i linked before to get to know how you upload it on your episode.

I can’t do those things … i use psp pro 2018.

Then i am sorry i don’t know how to help you, but you can ask someone to make the overlay for you, for example you can ask someone that has an art shop.

I can help!

This is the first table.
Now I’m working on the second one.
Can you credit me?
Episode account: kendycrush.

Here’s the second one.
Are these ok?

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Thank you but I dont know when I am using it, can be in 2 years put your watermark on then there is never a problem x

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And i see lignes still xxx

Is there someone who can make them nice please ans put your name on it x