Ho do i make those too hug?




One of them should be hug_rear the other one will be hug.

Do this:

&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
&CHAR1 is hug
&CHAR2 moves to layer 2
@CHAR2 is hug_rear


It gives the same:


You need to make Andre hug_rear


You need to make ANNEKE faces right. Yes, she is going to be facing left, but with rear animations, if you want your character to faces right, you have to make them face left, and vice versa.

EX: (for character1 to face left while doing the rear animation, you have to do this.)
&CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is rear


i used andre hug rear and this is the script:

ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
Erik is … Erik is …

@ANNEKE is cry_sob_loop
@pause for 4
&ANNEKE moves to layer 1
&ANDRE is hug_rear
&ANDRE moves to layer 2
@ANNEKE is hug


You need to make Andre face left.


Can you make me that for the two, it is too difficult for me,


&ANDRE is hug_rear AND ANDRE faces left
@ANNEKE is hug AND ANNEKE faces left


thank you thank you thank you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Someone has done it already thanks anwyway dear. :kissing_heart:


Ho do you let somebody walking from spot to spot. In the beginnen the spot is little because she is in the dooropening to a person farther away. I did made the spot already that she is as big as him but i cant do the walking direction.

she needs to go from spot spot 0.445 271 313 to spot 1.213 161 11 so walking in let’s say 6 sec
Can someone make that for me please.



@ANNEKE spot 0.445 271 313
@ANNEKE walks to spot 1.213 161 11 in 6


Thanks girl, works like a charm, i don’t need this at the moment but ho do you do that same thing but walking exated or running.


No problem! :grin: You want the character to run while doing it?


no not in this situation but for example someone is running from one point to another in l’ets say 10 seconds, ho do you make a command like that ( i gard it for when i need it.) A simple kissing scene the code for example.
If i have some random codes i don’t have to ask all the time in here. xxx


@CHAR spot xyz
@CHAR walks to spot xyz in SECONDS AND CHAR does it while run_athletic/run_jog/run_casual/run_cry


You see that is what i always see the x y z that i don’t understand.


xyz is the spot directing.

For example:

The x is 0.445, the y is 271, and the z is 313.


And what will those chiffres say.