Ho do i make those too hug?

You see that is what i always see the x y z that i don’t understand.

xyz is the spot directing.

For example:

The x is 0.445, the y is 271, and the z is 313.

And what will those chiffres say.

Here i have an other problem He is going with her to an air balloon, they walk together trough the zones to the balloon and they walk together. Then i want that she changes possition because this is not a possition to speak to each other so i made this script i put in pause for a beat so it happens later, but that is not happening.
while she walks she talks already and everything. I don’t understand that.



@ANNEKE spot 1.280 95 8 AND ANNEKE faces right
@ERIK spot 1.280 254 0 AND ERIK faces left

ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
Where are we?

ERIK (talk_excited)
In the desert.

ANNEKE (talk_doubtful)
Yeah, I see that but what are we going to do here?

ERIK (talk_happy_hands_open)
You will see. We are going to make a little walk.

ANNEKE (talk_awkward)

ERIK (talk_happy_hands_open)
Ok l’ets go.
&follow ANNEKE to screen center in zone 3 in 6
&follow ERIK to screen left in zone 3 in 6
@pause for 3
ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
What is this?

ERIK (talk_excited)
An air balloon.

Add @ANNEKE faces left

were what should i do this is a little bit confusing there are two scripst.

Add it inbetween @pause for 3 and ANNEKE (talk_awkward)

It should look like:

@pause for 3
@ANNEKE faces left
ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
What is this?

it gives the same she talks and change direction while walking :sleepy:

Ohhh I see.

Change the @pause for 3 to @pause for 6 instead. It should look like:

&follow ANNEKE to screen center in zone 3 in 6
&follow ERIK to screen left in zone 3 in 6
@pause for 6
@ANNEKE faces left
ANNEKE (talk_awkward)
What is this?

Yes it works i put in pause at 8 the walk itself was 6 that is why it did not work again something learnend, thank you … :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

is it possible to let the balloon fly in the sky?

You would have to use an overlay for that.

there is no overlay for the balloon and there is no background sky loop :sleepy:
The overlay of the balloon I could try to make it. but a background loop from the sky that is more of a problem.
I will think about this tomorrow for the moment I leave it as it is, but if someone has it already feel free to share.
I always share everthing in my link on instagram.

i need help please! how to make a character in the backround be in the back instead of being upscreen

You can use spot directing, or you can use one of these placements:

@CHAR stands back far left/back left/back right/back far right

Here is a guide to spot directing if you want to do that instead:

Also: be sure to move the character into a lower layer than the upfront character (if there is one). Your script will look something like this:

&BGCHAR moves to layer -2
@BGCHAR stands back far left

thank you :kissing_heart:

omg thank you!!

how do you put them in the middle backscreen

You’d have to use spot directing for that.