Ho do you do a recap of the previeus episode?

And how do you let people make that choice can someone make me a little script for that?
@EdwardNorton perhaps xxx or someone else.


So, you want the people to be able to choose if they want a recap?

yes please and ho to do it.

ps you were really quick xxx

Sure. I’ll make a script and then I’ll explain it all.

You are too sweet xxx

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Do you want a recap of the previous episode?

“Yes” {

goto Recap

“No” {

goto Story


label Recap

#put last scene of the previous episode here

goto Story

label Story

#start your story here

So, the player will first get to pick if they want the recap or not.
If they pick Yes, they will be taken to the label Recap, where you will paste the last scene of the last episode. After that is shown, it says goto Story, and your reader will be taken to where the current story starts.
If they don’t want/need a recap, they will be taken to the label Story, where you can start your writting.

Let me know if you need anything else! xx

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First thank you and second yes i have always trouble with placing people you have to entering with the same thin enters from right to screen center bla bla bla and then i position them with the spot director but that first pfff i get another error junst now i don’t understand what’s wrong with it.

@LILY enters from left to screen center AND lILY is run_athletic
@LILY faces right
@ANDRE enters from left to screen center AND ANDRE is run_athletic
@ANDRE faces right

you are starting to be my personal script editor lol xxx

Let me try it out an get it back to you.

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Ok, so where you have AND lILY is run_athletic, the first L in her name is lowercase. Just change it to capital, and the ERROR should go away. And I can be your personal script editor if you wanted.xx

Oh, I would like that and my proofreader maybe too because my grammar OMG then I can credit you but maybe you have to start with reading my story then you know where I make my errors … on coding. xxx
http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6579041739341824 Don’t feel obligated


ps my favorite movie is also the silence of the lambs, the green mile and the shawshank redemtion

Sure. I’d love to help with anything.
I LOVE the Shawshank Redemtion. xxx

It’s the best and the green mile you would say that it is written by Stephan King, I also like the books of Virginia Andrews they are a little bit bizarre and creepy. xxxx

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My favorite Stephan King book is Bodies (?) The one that Stand By Me was based off of.
I read a bit of your story, and the only real mistakes I see are spelling ones. They’re really not that noticable, and I have seen much worse. All in all, I think your story is amazing.

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You think so? Or do you say that to give me a boost? xxx

No, I’m being serious. “The Heat Inside” is a horrible story with more spelling errors than I can count.

It is my first story but because i am a newby i don’t get much readers, are we talking in public or is this private xxx

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It doesn’t matter.

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yes it does i like talking to you and other people don’t have to know everything xxxx

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Are you gone??? xxx

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