Ho do you place someone in bad?


I have used the position is sit but the bad is straight and a character can’t be straight?Thanks


If you need your question answer send it here. We will me more then happy to help!


You don’t need to have the characters lying down if your bed background looks like this. If you have a background like this, then your characters will need to remain standing, because if you use animations such as “talk_neutral_lay” the character will not be the correct way and possibly off the side of the screen.
However, if your background is more like this you will need to find a way around it. Most people just put the characters along the bed as there is no other way to place them.
I hope this helped you! :smile:


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no i have to find a background that is a bath… were do i find that???


But it is a directing problem. a script problem?


Technically, it’s asking how to do something script-related. :wink: Since Creator’s Corner is listed as questions on the Episode writing language, I understood the question to be related to the language. :smile:


But it was in the creating corner by directing problems, i don’t understand? x


Since there’s no actual script or code being displayed, you’re only asking how something is done, there’s no need to put it in Directing Helps and Tips. :wink:


where do i have to put it then in art? it was supposed to be that someone explained to me with a script ho i had to do it. x


It is fine here. You don’t need to move it. :wink: