Ho to make someone reed a letter?

I have made an overlay off a letter and i want my character to reed it, ho do i do that?


This was all could find. It is a talking animation. You don’t need an overlay for it though.


Hope this helps :wink:

Thanks but the texts needs to be seen…

Oh. Then can you just show the overlay with the text?

will try that tomorow, i am to sleepy right no, i am going to upload some backgrounds, i will let you know tomorrow xxx


ok it worked i am reading, damn you put me in detention lol

I have now 24 spelling errors??? And the s crypt for the female custumasation gives errors.
Besides that what do you think of it?
But we talk in the morning i am going to sleep.

thanks for all

oh that’s odd. we will talk in the morning

Well is cause you have labels that are the same and since you need two different type of labels try this CC template by @Dara.Amarie

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Thanks but i did use them, but with copie and paste to do too AluaSS there must be going something wrong because no my script has 11433 lines

It was unintentionally copy/past multiple times, why I don’t know, for the moment it is back ok.