Holding hands and walking?

Does anyone know how to make another character take the other characters hand and walk? I am trying to make one of my characters lead the other character to a different room but I don’t know how this is done (if possible). I have been really frustrated, and can’t find anything anywhere. Please let me know, thanks! :smiley:

@anon6748744 might know!

Oh ok thanks! If anyone else knows please let me know still, I am gonna try asking her though.

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She hasn’t replied yet which is obviously understandable but I can’t continue my story til I figure it out (if it’s not possible I’ll try something else). Does anyone know?

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I don’t it’s possible

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Oh it is? Ok, hmm…

I’m not sure tho

There is no holding hands whilst walking animation available, so you will need to use walking animations for your characters. You can create a bunch of overlays including limb overlays and animate them which is an extensive amount of work for such a scene or use dialogue/thoughts and/or narrations to explain that they’re are holding hands which is the most common method used for such scenes.



Oh ok,! That sucks, yeah I don’t feel like doing all that lol. Thanks for letting me know!

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No worries! You can however, use:

  • holdhands_give_all_rear
  • holdhands_give_idle_rear
  • holdhands_give_start_rear
  • holdhands_receive_all_rear
  • holdhands_receive_idle_read
  • holdhands_receive_start_rear
    When your characters are stationary and rear facing, but you could make them hold hands with one of these animations before walking off (and zoomed so you don’t see them facing rear, only the hands holding) aided by dialogue that might go along the lines of “Take my hand.” as an example if you don’t wish to explicitly explain to readers that they’re holding hands. (:
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Oh thank you so much! I’ll try it!

Wait do you mean like one of the animations (or two) to show or all in a row? I am confused at what the script would look like. Sorry, this is my first story, I am not very familiar with scripts!

That is just a list of all the holdhand animations available apart from one (which was to stop holding hands).
I’d recommend using the holdhands_give_start_rear and holdhands_receive_start_rear animations in particular for your characters in the said scene, with one character doing one of those animations and the other character, doing the other animation.

Oh ok I understand now. Thanks!

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No problem. (:

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